#22 — December Startup Tracker Update 📊

I just shared the updated the Seattle Startup Tracker for December 1st. And since you’re on this email list, you can get the full Excel file to see more detail. 🤓

The aggregate data wasn’t remarkable this month — no major changes, surprises, or shifts that I could spot. Did anything catch your attention?

I suppose that is a good thing — growth has continued at a similar pace. Here’s how it looked overall:

  • 74% of companies have open roles — 3% more than last month.

  • 43% of companies grew headcount M/M — 4% less than last month.

  • 4,113 total open roles — 4% more than last month

  • 0.9% total employee growth across the 370 companies tracked — inline with past months which vary between 0.6% and 1.4%

Here’s the trend since I started tracking this summer:

The breakdown by stage showed some improvement for the earlier stages when you compare to last month. That said, we’re dealing with pretty small numbers when you start subdividing these cohorts, so I don’t think the changes reflect a bigger trend.

Here’s the breakdown:

Anything I missed? Any questions you want to have answered from this data?

Replies always welcome 🙏