#18 — November Startup Tracker Update 📈

I just updated the Seattle Startup Tracker for November. You can also download the full Excel file if you want to see the details. 🤓

Here’s what stood out this month…

1.) Same number hiring, more open jobs.

72% of companies had open jobs (about the same as last month). In aggregate, they had 3,963 total open jobs — a 9% increase from last month.

Looking at the trend for the last 4 months, companies are posting more jobs each month. That said, the actually hiring pace fluctuates a bit more as you’ve seen in past months. Is this a lack of talent to fill these roles or companies slow-rolling hiring?

2.) More growth from more companies.

45% of companies increased headcount M/M — up from 39% last month. Total headcount across all companies increased 1.3% M/M — up 0.6% last month.

58% of companies increased headcount in the last 3 months.

3.) Less hiring in the early stage.

Not surprisingly, most of the absolute growth comes from more established companies that are scaling. While they aren’t yet big companies, these aren’t really “startups” in the truest definition. This month, Nintex, Redfin, Remitly, Blue Origin, Auth0 had the most growth on an absolute basis.

Meanwhile there was less hiring in the Early and Very Early stages.

Here’s the comparison by stage:

Anything I missed? Any questions you want to have answered from this data?

Replies always welcome 🙏