#50 — Not knowing what's next


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So I told all my friends and family…

I want to co-founder another startup. Because I was really foolish in my late 20s, it would be my 4th time (but that’s a different story).

They asked very reasonable questions like “what’s the idea?!” and “who’s on the team?” and “when will you launch?” and “are you raising money?”

My answer: I don’t know… yet.

It seems a little backwards, right?

But here’s the thing… A lot of people have been in this position.

Examples from my interviews:

I’m sure there are times when a bolt of lightning strikes and some “big idea” kicks off the whole cascade of events.

But I think it’s more common to wander around in the dark for a bit.

So for now… I’m leaning into that.

p.s. Would you like to hear more about how I’m looking for my next idea? Can’t say I know the “best” path, but happy to share what I’m trying & learning along the way.