#55 — Starting Again

My grandpa didn’t like last week’s email.

He says it like it is: “Adam, if you are going to send an email to over 1200 people, then you might want it to make sense.”

Gramps, you will like this story.

I interviewed this entrepreneur, Gordon Hempton.

He co-founded Outreach (they are now a multi-billion-dollar, 1000+ employee company).

But Gordon didn’t sail off in the sunset.

Instead he got right back to the very early stage. Rolling up his sleeves — writing code, establishing a culture from scratch, and convincing early hires to leave FAANG security for startup life.

Despite his success, Gordon’s humility shows.

He shared many stories about learning, re-learning, and how he’s facing new challenges the second time around.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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P.S. Check out Gordon’s Outreach co-founder, Manny Medina, way back in episode #1.