#54 — PLG, The Middle, and Infinite Niches

I’m a bit scatterbrained today and couldn’t pick one topic. So I’ll share three disconnecting things I’m learning/doing…

1. How I’m Learning PLG

Yesterday I published a list of 393 product-led growth (PLG) companies. I like to learn by studying examples and role models. Theory is ok, but I like to see how it looks and feels in practice. I continue to be believe that PLG is an important wave and I’m going to keep spending time learning. If you want to riff on PLG or trade resources, reply anytime.

2. Note to Self: The Middle Sucks

I grabbed Michael Porter’s classic Competitive Strategy off the shelf a couple weeks ago. I love the book, but I forgot how much. This graphic framing the 3 possible strategies is pure gold.

I wrote in the margin: “REMINDER: AVOID THAT STUCK IN THE MIDDLE BOX!!!!!” Maybe a little intense with the all caps, but I’m allowed to yell at myself, right? I love principles/frameworks that tell me what NOT to do.

3. Infinite Niches

Sticking with the theme of re-reading, I went back to Ben Thomson’s work on “Infinite Niches” this week. I highlighted this line:

the number of ways to be focused — that is, the number of niches in the world — are effectively infinite; success, in other words, is about delivering superior quality in your niche — the former is defined by the latter.

So in the internet era, there are more niches. More niches means more opportunities to win with the “Focus” strategy that Michael Porter talks about above.

So what?

For me this screams “find a niche man!!” It’s tempting to start thinking about building some broad platform. It’s probably possible in time. But at least to start… I’m forcing myself to think in niches.

What’s your take?

Replies always welcome 🙏