#47 — Seeking Co-Founder(s)

In my first startup, I didn’t get the basics. On top of that we didn’t have the right ingredients in the founding team. Good people. Good intentions. But it was the wrong mix of everything.

Then I got lucky twice. First, I got to work with Aviel and Damon. Then I got to work with the legendary Chris Hundley. I learned how magical it can be when you have the right founding team.

I’m hoping to get lucky a 3rd time.

So I wanted to put a message out to the 1,043 amazing people who subscribe to this email…

🚨 I’m seeking a co-founder(s). 🚨

It’s not urgent. I know it takes time to get to know someone. I assume it will be months of “dating” before anyone is ready to get marriage and co-found a company. So at this point, I’m just looking to get start a conversation.

I have a longer document about the kind of company I want to build, my values, and my strengths. Happy to share that as context if you have someone in mind who might be a fit.

Know anyone I should meet? Please send them my way.

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