#41 — Jack the Barber

A story about my long-time barber:

He was working at a high-end salon for 13 years. He had many loyal customers and was always booked. I was very happy.

Then the pandemic happened.

First the salon closed. Then they opened, but dramatically limited his schedule.

He couldn’t make a living this way.

So he decided to go out on his own. When I called the salon to book my cut, they wouldn’t tell me where he went or how to contact him. So it wasn't easy for him to leave. Of course, I tracked him down (and so did many others).

Now he's solo and doing great.

If you know me, you know that I know hair. Hair is in my circle of competence.

And I love his story.

So I wanted to share this link if you are looking for an exceptional quality haircut in a safe, single-chair location (in Bellevue, WA). 👇

Jack the Barber.

P.S. I don’t get paid to say this.

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