#40 — Alligator in a puddle

Before I talk about gators… I’m giving away some books. Go here if interested.

You’ve heard of a big fish in a small pond, but this is better.

“you want to be more than a big fish in a small pond, you want to be an alligator in a puddleMike Maples

That image immediately stuck in my head (the power of a great analogy). Can you picture a giant alligator flopping around in a puddle? In my mind, it’s the alligator from Happy Gilmore taking over the kiddy pool in my backyard.

Last week I was thinking about The Paradox of Choice. One of the take-aways: When competing in a world of infinite choice, nailing your niche matters even more.

The “alligator in a puddle” is the perfect analogy for that idea.

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Next up I have interviews with Robert Wahbe (Highspot CEO) and Omri Mor (Routable CEO).

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Elissa Fink (Board Director and Former CMO at Tableau) on “good” CMO vs a “great” CMO:

“I'd say a good CMO listens. He or she listens to the market, listens to sales, listens to executives, listens to customers. But a great CMO will take that listening and not just learn from it, but act on it. I think that's a big difference. The days you're good are when you're listening and learning, but the days you're great are when you've listened, you've learned, and you're doing something about it.”