#37 — Women Leaders

Yesterday was the last day of International Women’s Month. With that, I wanted to use this week’s email to highlight the 5 most popular Built in Seattle podcast interviews with women leaders in our community.

Ep. #31: Elissa Fink. She’s the Ultimate CMO Advisor, Board Director, and former Tableau CMO. Elissa talks about thinking in bets, scaling teams that endure, and building brand.

Ep #16: Liz Pearce. She’s the CEO & co-founder at FreshChalk and a startup veteran. Liz talks about avoiding comparison, leadership lessons, and how she's building trust & culture with her co-founders.

Ep. #24: Kelly Breslin Wright. She took Tableau’s sales from $0 to $850M, a prolific Board Director, speaker, and leader. Kelly talks about making values work, the missionary sale, and what really matters in the long-term.

Ep #33: Maria Colacurcio. She is the CEO at Syndio, co-founder of Smartsheet, and working to solve gender and racial pay equity gaps. Maria talks about category creation, leadership lessons from parenting, skills over experience, and the power of focus.

Ep. #4: Sandi Lin. She’s the CEO and co-founder at Skilljar, transitioned from Amazon to startup founder, and working to help companies become truly customer-centric. Sandi talks about raising $16.5M with her car breaking down on Sand Hill Road, getting VC attention, and why she quit Amazon.

I hope you enjoy 🙏