#36 — Mad Libs

I’ve been obsessed Mad Libs at work recently. It’s a great trick to clarify and simplify business writing. Whenever I can’t quite make my bullets read properly, I come up with a Mad Lib to make things consistent. It might be driving my team nuts as we write our monthly business reviews.

I came across two great frameworks this week along those lines…

1.) Cindy Alavarz has this summary for any project:

2.) Marty Neumeier has this simple sentence for brand differentiation.

These simple word games can make life easier. Plus they are fun.

Do you make Mad Libs at work?

P.S. I just heard about two people in my network with rare skillsets that are starting to look for new opportunities. One experienced SaaS customer success leader and one experienced SaaS rev ops leader. I know those roles are in high demand so reply if you are interested. Both looking for growth stage, Series B or C ish.

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On staying in the weeds:

“I've always felt like if I drift too far into manager land and too far away from the day-to-day work that's actually happening, I'll lose touch. And I just don't ever want to lose that closeness to the day-to-day. I'm obsessed with living the life that our customers live and ensuring that I can still see where are things headed.”

On fresh perspectives:

“…sometimes the big opportunities are right in front of you and you don't really think about it until another colleague comes up to you says ‘let's do this a different way!’”