#35 — Momentum

As I’ve interviewed more successful leaders, I’ve noticed how they build momentum. They encounter all kinds of friction. Like we learn in science, there are no frictionless surfaces. There are no frictionless business environments.

But the people making progress build momentum on multiple fronts — market, culture, learning, etc.

Michael Ovitz, the legendary Hollywood agent, had a good take on this in his autobiography 👇

“I believed that momentum was everything — once a company relaxed, it was done for.”

Sometimes they build momentum by adding force. Sometimes it’s by reducing resistance in their environment. But they all seem to find a way.

p.s. The Great Mental Models Vol 2 has a good chapter on Friction & Viscosity.

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Matt McIlwain (Madrona Ventures) explains his learning loop framework:

“It’s a curiosity that's grounded in humility that I think really sets the best entrepreneurs up for the highest potential for success”

He went deeper at the 22-minute mark here