#34 — Dumb Questions

I love Don Norman's take on dumb questions 👇

"A stupid question asks about things so fundamental that everyone assumes the answer is obvious. But when the question is taken seriously, it often turns out to be profound."

Source: The Design of Everyday Things

Do you ask stupid questions? When others ask stupid questions, do you take them seriously?

We need both.

Norman's domain is design. But it works in sales, marketing, leadership, parenting, and probably many other domains.

I'd like to get better at this.

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Heather Redman (Managing Partner at Flying Fish Ventures) talks about the psychology of investing, the value of community, and why DEI matters.

On finding leverage:

“… I believe that if you're strategic in thinking about the people that you spend time with and the things that you do, that weirdly, you can break the time and space physics of things. You can add new things to your plate and that as you add those new things, it actually makes all of the existing things that are already there easier.”

On community:

“I think a lot of what I've done over the last 15 to 20 years comes out of this idea that you want to find a way to give back. [But,] not in the charitable thing, but in the building of community and connection with other people to do things together.”