#32 — Resonance

We talk a lot about rising above the noise. But then what?

These two famous Steves wrote about finding resonance in their work. Both of these takes stuck with me. 🤓

In Born Standing Up, Steve Martin wanted to be funny after the show:

“I believed it was important to be funny now, while the audience was watching, but it was also important to be funny later, when the audience was home and thinking about it.”

In On Writing, Stephen King wanted his story to linger from the shelf:

What I want most of all is resonance — something that will linger for a little while in the reader’s mind and heart after he or she has close the book and put it back on the shelf.

Both had powerful ways to visualize resonance — not just rising above the noise, but leaving a lasting impression.

This idea guided the way they worked on their craft.

Maybe there’s a version of this for business?

Built in Seattle Podcast


NBA Legend Detlef Schrempf talks about the culture of winning teams, lifelong learning, and giving back.

On the Sonics winning culture in the 90s:

“There was a lot of going at each other. Practices were oftentimes harder than games. We had disagreements, but as soon as we stepped on the court, we all knew we were about winning.”

On finding what matters:

“We're so worried about scaling and making more money for ourselves and finding a place. Eventually, I got to figure out what's important. And with us, it's about family. I want my kids to have a happy life and not be a burden on other people, but also be compassionate and help other people.”

On keeping it simple:

“I think it's pretty darn simple. You try to be a good father and a husband and a family man, be good to your friends, have compassion. And all those things sound really corny when you're young. It’s all those really basic common sense things that seems like nobody has anymore. And that's really what I try to live by.”