#31 — Elevators

When was the last time you were in an elevator? For me it was pre-pandemic.

But elevator pitches are still a thing.

I stopped in my tracks when I heard Edith Harbaugh, CEO at LaunchDarkly, give her 30-second pitch. 

It came in 3 parts:

  1. Belief:“We believe that software powers the world. Software is truly everywhere...”

  2. Concept: “LaunchDarkly helps teams deliver and control that software.”

  3. Old Way vs New Way: “Instead of pushing features to everyone all at once, a developer can turn it on [for select individuals or groups first]” and “get feedback in a safe manner.”

You can hear the full version at the 2-minute mark in this episode of Business is Human show.

This sounded different to me.

What’s the best elevator pitch you’ve heard lately?

Built in Seattle Podcast


James Coyle (CEO at RealSelf) talks about taking risks, mentors, transitioning from Amazon to startups, and learning to listen.

On the weight of your words as a leader:

“I think sometimes you don't realize the weight you hold in a conversation. So when you speak, people sometimes just do what you say, because you said it without actually knowing if it's the right thing to go do.”

On the myth about great leaders:

“When you're in junior, you think everyone's just so much smarter. And they do have experiences and those experiences stack. […But] the really good leaders weren't the ones that were talking about themselves. They were, they were the ones that really figured out what they were good at and what they weren't.”

On people fit:

“Sometimes people just, aren't a great fit. We always talk about, ‘is the company a great fit?’ or ‘is the job a great fit?’, but the hardest damn thing about any of these jobs is working with other people.