#27 — Seattle Startup Tracker Update Q4'20 📊

I just updated the Seattle Startup Tracker for the end of 2020. You can also download the full Excel file if you want to see the details.

The monthly swings we saw early in the pandemic seem to have stabilized. With that, I’m switching to quarterly updates in 2021. The list will always be available, and I’ll keep adding new companies, but I’m going to space out the data refreshes and take a longer range view in these updates.

Here’s what stood out from last quarter…

Growth Continues

76% of startups have open roles. Now over 5,000 open roles across the 387 companies tracked. All their career pages are linked in the spreadsheet and Airtable.

Back to Normal?

Q4 looked a lot like Q3 — roughly 60% of companies grew headcount. The pandemic swings appear to have stabilized. Looking at Q/Q change in headcount there aren’t any remarkable shifts. When I first started tracking jobs and open roles, we saw a lot of month/month fluctuations.

Growth by Stage

The more established startups continue to create the most jobs and overall growth for the community. If you want to get hired at an early-stage Seattle company, you will need to be very targeted and patient. Zooming out to quarterly tells a slightly better story about the early stage, but it’s still a mixed bag.

Happy new year!

What else would you like to see from this tracker in 2021?