#21 — Thank you

This email is exactly one day early so that I don’t hit your inbox on Thanksgiving.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for supporting my work. Thank you for the generous podcast reviews. Thank you for your replies to these emails (and the conversations that happen as a result). Thank you for inspiring me to try, share, and learn. I hope you and your families have the best possible Thanksgiving in the current environment.

New Podcast Guest: Me

I talk to myself often but rarely record it.

This week I went to the archives and recapped my 3 favorite themes from the podcast so far, why I'm continuing this project, and what's coming next.

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But don't worry – it's not just my voice for 18 minutes. I pulled in clips from 7 different interviews so that you could hear from my sources directly.

I covered three themes:

  1. How humility looks in practice. Included my favorite clips from Manny Medina, Glenn Kelman, and Matt McIlwain.

  2. Balancing analysis with intuition. Stitched in stories from Leslie Feinzaig and Matt Oppenheimer.

  3. Playing the long game. Highlighted with ideas from Kelly Breslin Wright and Liz Pearce.

What do you think of this format?

Thank you for reading! Replies always welcome. 🙏

— Adam